Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MedCOMM presentations streamed live on August 13

Live Free or Hei.

We have a nice set of folks registered to attend ACM MedCOMM in person, but we also want to make sure that others unable to fly out to Helsinki can watch the talks too.  So we have arranged to webcast the talks LIVE with Regis.  Well, Regis wasn't available.  Kevin will introduce the distinguished speakers on medical communication systems.  There are experts from the medical device industry, government, and academia on topics ranging from wireless neural interfaces to electromagnetic compatibility to security and technology ranging from wireless power to body area networks.

Carefully sip your favorite caffeinated beverage that isn't linked to serious health consequences, wear your fire-retardant pajamas, and join us from 9AM-5PM Helsinki time on August 13 at http://spqr.cs.umass.edu/events/2012-medcomm/.  That's 2AM-10AM Eastern time.  Viewers can submit questions via twitter.   Get an early start on your day before your supervisor expects that completed safety case for your next generation medical device!

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