Friday, November 16, 2012

First graduate course in the nation dedicated to medical device security

Semmelweis is credited as a pioneer of antiseptic technique
How do we begin to improve the information security of increasingly interconnected and wirelessly controlled medical devices?  Starting with highly trained engineers who also appreciate the complexities of human factors and regulatory affairs.  My upcoming Winter 2013 course at the University of Michigan on Medical Device Security will be the first of its kind in the nation to teach students about this topic.  Students will learn the timeless concepts and cutting-edge skills in computer engineering, human factors, and regulatory policies that determine the safety and effectiveness of manufacturing software-controlled medical devices.

Students will apply the newly learned concepts and skills by analyzing the security of a real-world medical device in a hands-on term project. Interdisciplinary teams will consist of students from complementary backgrounds to mimic the composition of teams at medical device manufacturers and regulatory bodies. Occasional guest speakers from medical device manufacturers, hospitals, and government will complement the classroom activities with critical lessons from the front lines.


  1. Dr. Fu, this is great news. I hope to someday help you with this noble cause.

  2. will it be available online for international students and other researchers ?

    1. Thanks for your question. I have received multiple requests for access to the materials from my upcoming Medical Device Security course. These requests have trickled in from medical device manufacturers, students outside the USA, hospitals, and regulatory affairs. I'm a strong advocate for Open Access ala Creative Commons Attribution, MOOCs, etc., so yes I do plan to make the course materials widely available. However, I expect there to be some kinks to work out. My primary focus is to ensure a quality in-person education for the students at the University Michigan. For instance, I have to manage staffing to record video of lectures, deal with copyright licensing, etc.

      In short, stay tuned for some tasty medical device security goodness! At a minimum, I'll be providing references to the materials used in class.


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