Sunday, January 13, 2013

Graduate Course on Medical Device Security Launched

What better place for a student to absorb material
from the Medical Device Security course reader
than in a functioning hot tub on the rooftop of the
Bob and Betty Beyster Building in Michigan? 
Last week, students at the University of Michigan joined an elective course on Medical Device Security to understand more about the challenges for improved medical device security. My academic colleagues who are security traditionalists may be shocked to see that the course will cover much more than just what appears at the top security conferences such as USENIX Security, IEEE Security and Privacy, and ACM CCS. I selected the course readings based on my belief that meaningful security only makes sense when considered in the context of other system properties like safety and dependability.  (Sorry if I did not list your favorite -ility.)

The table of contents of the Medical Device Security course is online, and the course reader itself will be available tomorrow from Dollar Bill Copying. Note that additional online readings will appear later in a revised TOC. Because of copyright licensing, one must purchase materials in paper form rather than electronic. Urge your publishers to go electronic!

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