Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ACM MedCOMM from Start to Finnish

Tule mukaan Helsingissä!

Join us at the ACM Workshop on Medical Communication Systems!

We don't just love repeating letters mid-word—we are practicing our Finnish for the first ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Medical Communication Systems (ACM MedCOMM) to be held in Helsinki, Finland on August 13.

MedCOMM brings together scientists, engineers, standards-committee members, patient advocates, security researchers, pickled herring, students, and medical experts to evaluate the state of the art in communications for medical applications.  We'll talk about how to build systems with better security, spectrum utilization, interference properties, power consumption, and patient-friendliness than what exists today.  We'll draw people and insights from the SIGCOMM community, where last year's "best paper" concerned medical-device security and involved software radio, jamming, and some fundamental full-duplex radio action.

Check out the lineup of invited talks and papers and join us for this full-day event in Helsinki on August 13!  The draft PDF program complete with visuals provides further details on speaker bios, implants, etc.

You can register by July 9 to save €40 off the registration fee—and you'll also get a week's free passage on public transportation in Helsinki.

Täytyy harjoitella enemmän suomenkieltä!

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