Monday, June 18, 2012

A Fluke of Security Issues from Updating Software on Windows-Based X-Ray Testers

Imagine you'd like to test X-ray machines in a hospital, dental office, etc. for safety and calibration.  X-ray testers come into play.  So how does one maintain the software used with X-ray testers?  How do you know that you've downloaded the legitimate software? 

The TNT 12000 X-Ray Test Device from Fluke Biomedical distributes its software updates online.  Worried about the security of your hospital network while downloading software?  Concerned that installing software might violate your hospital's corporate security policies and get you in hot water with your CIO or CISO if you accidentally download malware?  No problem.  Trust the Internet.  Just download the .EXE file or the ZIP file using any shared Internet connection from an HTTP site.  No need for connection-oriented SSL security or pesky end-to-end digital signatures of integrity-protected content.  Another time saver for increased productivity.

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