Tuesday, June 18, 2013

HealthTech (née HealthSec): Now with Posters!

Now that the technical program of HealthTech 2013 has solidified, we want your great ideas in poster form at the HealthTech 2013 poster session!  One-page poster proposals are due June 25.

The HealthTech 2013 poster session will trap stakeholders from medicine and technology in a single room with controversial ideas and a bunch of snacks.  It will look something like this.  (Actual attendees may vary.  Photo from BNL.)

2013 USENIX Workshop on Health Information Technologies
August 12, 2013 — Washington DC
Call for Posters — Proposals due June 25, 2013

The poster session is a great opportunity to discuss new work and propose controversial ideas with stakeholders from academia, industry, government, and medicine in an informal social environment.

Relevant topics in HealthTech areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Preliminary or experimental work that has not yet been published
  • New or emerging technology to improve healthcare
  • Evidence of cross-cutting problems that need solutions
  • Highlights from deployments of health information technology (HIT), including surprising outcomes or unintended consequences
  • Controversial arguments for or against a specific HIT practice or technology

Space at the poster session is limited, so the poster committee will give special preference to exciting new results, projects led by students, and topics that are likely to generate fruitful interactions among attendees.

Refer to the full call for posters for submission instructions.  If you'd like to advertise this to your colleagues, students, families, and pets, here's a printable version (~2MB PDF).

See you there!

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