Friday, June 7, 2013

Hugo Campos, Ten People Who Changed the Medical Device Industry

Medical device innovators may recall the mission of Hugo Campos to get access to his own medical telemetry from his implanted cardiac device. He wanted to know why he could not have access to the information his implant collects about his body. He has been named one of "10 People Who Changed the Medical Device Industry" by MDDI. His mission relates to medical device security because a security engineer needs to understand that security is not the only property for medical device engineering. Shudder to think, it's just one of many. Hugo gave a keynote presentation on his effort when I chaired the ACM MedCOMM Workshop a year ago.  Here's a look back at Hugo's keynote video.

MedCOMM keynote address by Hugo Campos.
Scroll the video to minute 6:00 to see the beginning of Hugo's talk.

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